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Factors That Maximize Yield Video Series

Greetings everyone, my name is David Robinson and I’ m the Garden Sage, author of “the Grower’ s Handbook, Teachings of the Garden Sage”. I started in the hydroponic industry 20 years ago at a store called Pacific Northwest Garden Supply in Surrey, British Columbia. At that time it was really the Mecca of indoor gardening. I enjoyed success in guiding my clients to good yields; I thought I was a pro. When I started designing a course on indoor gardening I realized that I knew what worked but not ‘ why’ . As I went deep into understanding how plants actually work I had my light bulb moments in which I acquired what I call the ‘ working model of a healthy plant’ in my mind. It is this ‘ working model’ that I use to this day to diagnose the plant problems of my clients. In 2003 I opened Pacific Northwest Garden Supply in Nelson, British Columbia. I spent the next 7 years refining my course into “the Teachings of the Garden Sage” which I published in 2010. This book is my life’ s work. I always say “it is the book I needed my whole career, and I had to write it to get it.”

lookat-plantAfter 20 years of working with the gardeners in BC helping them achieve the best yields they can, I’ ve come to realize that there are factors that go into maximum yield, and their order of importance is:

Number 1: Genetics

Number 2: Environment

Number 3: System/Grower

Number 4: Nutrients and additives.

lgp_1670I find that most new gardeners conceive this order of importance in reverse. They usually come in looking for a magic solution in bottle believing that nutrients and additives are the number 1 factor going into maximum yield. The next thing they conceive is that there is a holy grail of a system that will help them achieve those bumper crops. And then of course they may start to look at their environment, but often overlooked is the original foundation, the whole reason why we’ re gardening: The genetics that we’ re working with.