First morning back in my beautiful home in the west Kootenai region of British Columbia.

The plant kingdom is a divine gift to humanity; however, I believe we must be mindful not to mistake the gift for the Giver. Humans can have a tendency to deify components of creation in the enthusiasm of gratitude.

It is my belief that giving in to this tendency causes us to ‘miss the mark’. While it is wonderful to appreciate a gift, it is more wonderful to fix our eyes on the Giver and direct our appreciation to the Divine source of All.

My mission to the Peruvian Amazon was a gracious triumph. I will admit that at first I hoped to be fascinated by fantastic visions and was disappointed when that did not occur. In retrospect if that had occurred the whole effort could have become a colossal waste of time. Instead ‘my stuff’ came up. I wanted to ‘run away’, but I held fast to my true purpose, and mustered all of my will power. As difficult and unpleasant as portions of this experience were I have lived with it for so very long that my desire to be free and ‘purely’ myself won out. The way I see it, the Divine source proved it self to me once again as it has done countless times.

Now I will meet the efforts of the Creator and climb the narrow and steep path that is ‘my way’ to the top of the mountain.

I bravely give the prayer of devotion that was bestowed upon me and took all my concentration to distill into words on the night my dieta was closed.

*Note: please take no offense to my use of the word ‘Father’ to refer to the Creator as I see the Divine source as a loving parent to all creatures. It’s just a name, don’t fuss over it. Replace the name with ANY designation that rings true to YOUR heart.

Now and forever, I am Purely the True Good and Beautiful Spirit you created me to be Father.

Because, I Believe in you Father.

Because, I Believe in you in me.

I Believe in the solid and stable nature of my Belief.

Because, I Trust in you Father.

Because, i Trust in you in me.

I Trust in the solid and stable nature of my Trust.

Because, I have Faith in you Father.

Because, I have Faith in you in me.

I have Faith in the solid and stable nature of my Faith.

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