Genetics: The #1 factor In Maximum Yield

First we have to understand what we want to create. We have to pick a specific genetic that is going to fulfil our purpose. There are a lot of resources available these days for researching genetics, you can Google it, there are apps for it, and there are books.

So once you’ve identified the plant material you want to grow for the specific purpose that you have the need for, you can then research the reputable breeders that are available.

1024px-marijuana_seeds Starting plants from seed is going to give you the best run of good successful gardening with fresh genetics. We get about two years of vigor from fresh seed stock at which time the health of the plants can start to decline.

They may start to attract diseases; they may be compromised by viral infections, at which point it gets harder and harder to get those big yields and we have to rely more and more on crutches, nutrients and supplements.

However, if we take the time to breed our favorite geneticsclone2 with a suitable counterpart we can renew our plant material and engage in a fresh run of genetic diversity. Performing a true breeding generating new seed and then taking the time to identify favorable phenotypes can carry you on into years of bountiful gardening.

Once we have selected the phenotype we want to grow stable crop production is achieved through the technique of cloning.


Solid reasoning showing that genetics is the number 1 factor is evidenced in the realization that if we take awesome genetics, put it in a mediocre environment, our results are usually still very good. However, If we take mediocre genetics, and load it into an ideal environment, our results are usually still average. We are not bringing a pony to a horse race. We are going to figure out what genetics we need for our intended purpose. We are going to identify the best sources, obtain them and then care for them in a sustainable matter.

Once we have identified the genetics that meet our purpose, we have to understand the characteristics of those genetics. One of my maxims is “conform your garden to your plant”. This again shows the importance of genetics being the number one factor in maximum yield. We have to understand if our plant likes to grow large or it likes to be small. That’ s definitely going to affect the way we conform our garden.


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