Green communities are healthy communities

When I was getting over my surgery induced oxy/opiate addiction I watched many episodes of Drugs Inc. Despite my unhealthy fascination it was helpful to see such explicit examples of where hard drugs leave a person.

It became obvious the influence that narcotic trends in a community have. Humans love and crave altered states of mind, this natural and normal, the debatable point is ‘how’ these altered states are achieved and which are beneficial and which are detrimental. I will talk more about the many ways to alter the mind and even achieve states of heightened awareness, but this is outside the scope of today’s topic.

Today I will paint a contrasting picture of two very different community environments. The first I learned about from Drugs Inc. There were many communities in the US featured where prescription opiates had so infiltrated and become common place that a vast percentage of community members were hooked. This resulted in massive illicit trade of these ‘legal’ narcotics, however, it was clear that many could not afford these pharmaceuticals and resorted to cheaper options like heroin.

So, because everyone is using heroin in becomes one of the main business opportunities in town. What do you do to make money here? You sell heroin, and the problem gets worse until you have a ‘brown’ community riddled with a epidemic of hard drug use, overdoses, prostitution and crime.

Now, my mind naturally contrasted this view with that of a ‘green’ community, which thankfully I know well. When a community makes cannabis the financial cornerstone of mind alteration, it becomes health conscious.

Visit green communities and you will see healthy fit people who grow their own food, take care of their environment and attempt to assist the less privileged portion of the population. You will notice great availability of organic food, gluten free options and bustling farmers markets. There will be copious amounts of yoga studios, meditation centers and a focus on the arts, music and dance. Many people will be into alternative health lifestyles and outdoor activities. Specifically finances are directed away from unhealthy drug use and into family owned businesses such as awesome restaurants, sporting good shops, coffee shops, art galleries and local professionals who have nothing whatsoever to do with the cannabis trade.

Ultimately, you will see people who are interested in their own health and the health of their families, neighbors and community as a whole. You will see that a green community supports healthy human living: financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially.

I believe humanity needs to decide where power should reside. When we take power from hard drugs and big pharma and we give it to the green energy of cannabis we give power to our selves claiming back our humanity.

Green communities can make a Green Planet, but it must start with each individual, each family and each home.


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