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Dear Fellow Growers,

Born and raised in Surrey, BC I grew up enjoying the fruits of our local harvest. In my early twenties I began working full time in hydroponic retail. This was like hydroponic boot camp! Back then – in the nineties – BC was extremely busy, and Surrey was like the Mecca.

After five years full time in such a demanding environment I thought I was a pro! I would tell clients what to do, they would do it, and things would work out.

When I began designing a course I realized I knew what worked but not ‘why’. In my studies I finally understood the ‘why.’ I obtained the working model of a plant in my mind. I went on to teach very successfully for 2 years.

Over the last 10 years I have made this book concise and without distracting information. I know what you NEED to know. This is the book that I have been looking for my whole career and I had to write it to get it.

I put all of my jewels in this book – 15 years – 8 hours a day – tens of thousands of gardeners who have each done dozens of crops have brought their problems to me. This information is not opinion based but statistical information gathered from collective experience.

What is so special about this information you most certainly ask? Well, there are some aspects of knowledge and concepts that I have never seen put forth like my factors that create maximum yield in order of importancet

  • genetics
  • environment (lights on temp/off temp, air movement, humidity levels, co2 levels, etc.)
  • the system/the grower/cultural techniques/mistake/accident factor
  • nutrients and additives.


Check out my free 5 part video series; “The Factors that MAXIMIZE YIELDS”.


img1You will probably notice that new gardeners conceive this order of importance in the opposite. They think that the solution is in a bottle and that they have to find the ultimate system. Logic will show the truth – good genetics in a good environment will usually yield well in many different systems with many different nutrient programs (I explain this in detail in my book).

Other parts of the knowledge may simply fill in gaps in current understanding. The real advantage of this knowledge is how it is delivered. It is designed to teach. This book is designed to impart the model of how plants actually work to your mind.

I have received excellent feedback on The Growers Handbook (it has been selling since December 2010). I truly believe that this is the most value packed $30 a person can spend on a indoor gardening book. You know how it is – some questions are $10,000 questions! Readers love that they can read this book, containing all the essential knowledge, in a day or less. Some, read it cover to cover a few times and

feel that the info has really become their own, others like to read each section individually as it pertains to the activity of the day.

If you want to grow indoors, someday, you will probably go into a hydroponic store to make purchases for your garden and I am the guy that you would want to find on the other side of the counter. Now, I can’t be there to serve all of you, but I can give you my special understanding.

I am confident that everyone can benefit from reading this book, even if you have been growing for twenty years and that is my sincere intent. Getting back to the Garden,

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