Turning 42 I find myself reflecting.

Turning 42 I find myself reflecting on how the plant kingdom has played a fundamental role in my presence and success in navigating the challenging world we find ourselves living in.
Life as we know it would not exist on this planet without plants. Plants provide the essential foundation for the chemical processes that sustain our planetary atmosphere. Plants provide for all of our needs in the areas of food, medicine, fuel, fibre, potential wireless communication technology and more.

Plants have saved my life many times: Starting with cannabis in my early teenage years. I swear I barely knew a good night sleep until I discovered cannabis. Cannabis contributed to the natural development of my philosophic mental capacities and eased my emotional turmoil, making it bearable until I could truly work my way through those issues and achieve true freedom of personality expression.
When I was 36 I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on the forehead. I thought that I was dying. Thanks to my brilliant mother in law who believed in the healing power of plants we learned that basil breaks down the enzymes in spider venom.

If you get bit apply essential oil of lavender to the bite several times a day until there is no danger of necrosis, and eat basil until your mouth is numb several times a day for 30 to 60 days. I recovered in a period of about 90 days whereas I know of others who suffered reoccurring symptoms from the same type of spider bite for 5 years and finally had to do very aggressive rounds of antibiotics.
Now I am off to Peru for a dieta, a series of ayahausca ceremonies in a traditional shamanic setting. My intention is to heal and purify myself by rooting out and transmuting my weaknesses into my strengths thereby unlocking my full earthly potential.
You will hear from me more when I return from my healing journey, until then keep turning to our most powerful external earthly allies, the plant kingdom, for assistance and support in realizing the full potential of the life you were created to live.
Teachings of the Garden Sage

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